“He Sees, He Knows, He Cares”

An Invitation for The Journey

You are invited to join me for this six-week journey through the Book of Luke. We will be using the Love God Greatly study, He Sees, He Knows, He Cares, Our journey will take us through Luke’s writings of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Our destination: The Empty Tomb!


The Gospel of Luke offers a unique perspective of the life of Christ. Luke did not meet Jesus in person, yet he followed Him. Luke was a physician, an intellectual who was passionate about sharing all he could about Jesus with his friend Theophilus. Luke teaches about the humanity of Jesus, the Sonship of Jesus, and the care, concern, and power of Jesus.

This Gospel highlights a variety of events from Jesus’ life. The first two chapters emphasize the Old Testament promises of the coming Messiah. Luke 3:1—4:13 demonstrates that Jesus was and is the Messiah. Verses 4:14—9:50 show Jesus’ power, His teaching, and the way He cares for those in need. The conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leadership is the main focus of the next section (9:51—19:44), as Luke focuses on what true discipleship looks like and the cost of following Jesus. The final section, 19:45—24:53, describes the Passion of Christ and the events surrounding His death and resurrection.

Tradition has credited Luke with the authorship of this Gospel. As the only Gentile author of a New Testament book, Luke was a companion of Paul on some of his missionary journeys. Luke is also credited with authoring the Book of Acts, and it is assumed that the two books were written around the same time. Since the Book of Acts records Paul’s imprisonment in Rome, some scholars estimate that Acts was written sometime after A.D. 62. This dates the Gospel of Luke between A.D. 64 and A.D. 66. 

The Gospel of Luke encourages us to love God greatly because of its unique portrayal of Jesus’ life and ministry. Luke provided details of Jesus’ life that allow us to see His humanity and deity, displaying His great compassion for His people and His power over evil. We also see what it looks like to be a true disciple of Jesus and His unceasing pursuit of the lost.

LGG Team

Help Wanted

My mission is to encourage, equip, and empower others with the Word of God. Will you help me by sharing this post/link with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family – both saved and unsaved. and invite them to join us for the journey as we move toward Easter focusing on Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. My prayer is that the saved will be brought closer, the wanderers will find their way out of the wilderness, and the lost will be saved! ME – from the Inside-out 🦋

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