The Focus of Our Hope

The focus of our hope is vital to our endurance. This is made clear by Paul’s words to Timothy. He doesn’t just give instructions about not setting their hope on riches (things, desires, treasures) of this world that are “uncertain” – but…

Jars of Clay

“Paul’s heart was the vessel that God had shown His light in. The same is true of everyone who names the name of Christ today, and according to Scripture, we too, have been given the mission to carry this Gospel message to the world.”

There are many lessons packed into these three small verses, like how Jesus is the pioneer of our faith, meaning He led the way or set the example for the life of faith He has called us to live.

Building Your Endurance

You see, we can work out every day to build up our physical strength and endurance, but if we don’t use the muscles we’ve worked out we will never progress. The same is true spiritually. If we are not