PRAISE THE LORD was going to be my single response here – but as I began typing my observations it occurred to me that, for me, the application might just need to be a question (and answer) response.

“Let’s remember that we are preparing for and awaiting the coming of our King, our Good Shepherd, our sovereign Lord.” LGG

Shout for Joy

God is my God and He is with me, my mighty Savior who takes delight in me, with gladness! I will remind myself often that it is in Him and because of His love that I find a calming peace and a renewal my spirit.

God Restores

When we focus on the joy we have in the Lord, no matter our circumstance, we find hope. We do not ignore our suffering, but we focus on God’s faithfulness and what He promises to do.

The Coming Glory

Sin brought a curse upon the world and man that is still present today. So that we (believers) eagerly await God’s “coming glory”, when all will be restored and completely made right.

The Lord Returns

From the first words of this chapter, Isaiah’s message changed from one of coming doom to one of comfort and peace and the coming of the LORD, the God of Israel.