Encouraging Others

taking the time to consider how we can encourage others. Note the clarification the author makes, we are to encourage each other specifically toward acts of love and good deeds.

Because of My Name

As I sat wondering how in the world to apply Christ’ statement and the reality that we, as His disciples/followers, are going to be hated because of His Name these four thoughts came to mind:


Thus to place faith in Christ is to understand the cost and still choose Him above all else – be it people, situations in life, possessions, money, earthly desires, and self – Christ must be first to be Lord of our life.


Don’t just pray words, pray with persistence, persistence that comes from faith and faith that comes from the Word of God – by which we know Who He is and what He can do and what He has done before.

This Is The Way

Instead, the love Christ is referring to requires investing yourself in the person, helping them, not only with their pressing need, but any needs that may arise in the days to come.