Confidence comes with trust and trust is built through relationship and established over time . MefromtheNsideout –

As His disciples we must be faithful to gather around Him and listen to Him teach. This is the key to the blessings.

Don’t you love the phrase, Jesus saw? Notice though, Jesus didn’t just see the brothers and keep walking – he stopped and called them to follow along with Him. He, no doubt, could see that they were busy – Peter and Andrew, actively throwing nets into the sea, James and John repairing their nets, implying that they intended to catch more fish. Their current positions did not keep Jesus from saying “follow me” nor did it keep the brothers from following. I love that Jesus took the time to see and call them, but I am equally moved and actually – a bit convicted – by the fact that the brothers did not hesitate to stop what they were doing and follow Him.

it is equally clear to me today that it is good and right to be direct and firm with the ‘tempter’ and say “no”!

picture of words that seem to describe the love, joy, and pleasure that God took in seeing His son baptized

Our salvation isn’t based on whether or not our parents are Christians or if we go to church …

We would be wise to be alert to His teaching and reminders as well as to live yielded and obedient as Joseph did.