Cultivating an Attitude of Patience

My mother always told me, “Don’t pray for patience”. The theory of this statement is that if you do pray for patience the Lord will answer with situations that train you to be patient. Patient in trials, patient in waiting, patient in listening, patient with a difficult child, patient with someone slower than you, patient…

Full of Grace

The Grace of God is the expression of His unmerited favor on all who, by faith, believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It is, I believe, the catalyst of His mercy, an expression of His love, and His power at work through me.

AGAPE, God Most Loving

Agape is the word used to describe the love of God and it, as all of the other attributes we will study, are a requirement for holiness. The more detailed definition is that “agape is an act of the will, an intelligent, purposeful attitude of esteem and devotion; a selfless, purposeful, outgoing attitude that desires to do good to the one loved.”