A Faithful Servant

Week 3, Day 4 of Choosing God Instead of the World, A Love God Greatly Study

Scripture Reading: Genesis 37:2-11 (SOAP – Luke 16:10)

10 “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.  NLT
A glimpse of Joseph

Today’s passage from Genesis gives us a sneak peak at Joseph, whom we will continue to learn from in the coming weeks. Some of the things from today’s reading may be helpful to remember in future passages. While some speculate that Joseph was more loved than his brothers because he was the son of Rachel, the truth is that Joseph was loved more than all of his brothers because he born to Jacob in his old age, Genesis 37:3. As you can imagine, this caused problems with the brothers, as jealousy and hatred arose, fueled not only by the obvious display of Jacob’s love for Joseph, Genesis 37:3, but made worse by the dreams Joseph shared with them that seemed to be prophecies that he would one day rule over them. It also didn’t help that he gave a bad report to his father on how the brothers were caring for the sheep, Genesis 37:2. Scripture makes it clear that the brothers hated Joseph, leaves no doubt that the hate was fueled by jealousy, and clearly reveals that the hate destroyed relationships, Genesis 37:4, 8, 11.

Today’s Focus Verse

Today’s verse, Luke 16:10, is short and to the point. Basically it can be a stand-alone statement, “if you are faithful in a little you will be faithful in much and if you are dishonest in a little you will be dishonest in much”. However, there is much to be learned from it and the verses that surround it that make it much more than a general statement.

Application: How then should we Live?

We should be a faithful steward, not unfaithful. Being faithful with our ‘earthly’ wealth or things entrusted to us here will bear witness to what kind of stewards we will be with the responsibilities and treasures that God will entrust to us in His Kingdom.

Prayer: Response to God’s Word

Father, help us to be faithful stewards here so that we may be found even better stewards with the responsibilities and treasures of Your Kingdom. This to Your glory both on earth and in heaven. – Amen!

Your Turn:
  • Over what areas has God given you responsibility?
  • How can you be faithful in the small things in you life?
  • How can you be faithful in the big thing God has given you?
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