His Loyal Love Endures

Enduring Hope, An LGG Study / Week 2 Hope In GOd’s Character
Today’s Reading /Psalm 136 / SOAP Psalm 136:23-26

to the one who remembered us when we were down,
for his loyal love endures,
24 and snatched us away from our enemies,
for his loyal love endures,
25 to the one who gives food to all living things,
for his loyal love endures.
26 Give thanks to the God of heaven,
for his loyal love endures!

Psalm 136:23-26

How sweet and comforting it is to know God’s love is loyal and it endures. I can’t help but think how beneficial it would be for us to imitate the Psalmist and make a list of reasons to thank Him and to follow each reason with the phrase – for His loyal love endures – if for no other reason than to rehearse it in our minds so that when there doesn’t seem to be any miraculous deeds or creation seems to be crumbling rather than ‘awing’ us. Or when chaos and our needs are overwhelming us, or we find ourselves wandering in a desert or walking into battle, even then may we say – to God belongs all thanks and praise because His loyal love endures!

To endure is to abide … to last … to remain … to continue …
in other words … God’s love is forever

Me – from the Inside out 🦋

It’s also a healthy exercise to reverse the order of the Psalmist’s wording. For instance,

  • ‘Because your loyal love endures, God remembers us when we are down -‘
  • ‘Because His loyal love endures, God saved us from our enemies’ – or
  • ‘Because his loyal love endures, He provides our food.’

This is what I call a biblical perspective that impacts or changes everything! When this is our perspective we find strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow! And, we find countless reasons to praise the father.

Reflection Question

What’s something you have to thank Him for?

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