Changed From The Inside Out

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I don’t always read the devos from the LGG Journals – and never before I do my own journaling because I don’t want their take on the Word to influence what God might want to show me. However, as I was looking over my soap journal for today, an entry I made days ago, I was curious to see if they included any thoughts about – “apart from Him I can do nothing”, and boy did they! While this first one wasn’t the first one I read – it seems to highlight this week’s theme, “Created for Community With God”.

“The fruitfulness of our lives is a direct result of our connection to Jesus, not anything we can do. The love that we show to others, the joy we experience, the peace in our hearts, and the kindness that we share, it is all because of what God is doing in our lives, and He deserves the credit.

Not Made To Be Alone, an LGG Study – p42
Nuggets of Gold

The following are more quotes from the LGG devotional for day 3, week 1 of Not Made To Be Alone. I encourage you to read these slowly and then read them again. May the truth of them penetrate and influence our minds and hearts as we proceed not only through this study but through life and living in community with God and others

“Community is not one-sided. … God is with us, not because He is obligated to do so as our Creator, but because He loves us.”

Ok, so this next one is my favorite and may become my new tag-line on my blog page as it highlights the reason I chose the name of the blog –

*** “When we live in community with God, we are changed from the inside out.”

This last one is some wonderful and encouraging advice – that I pray the Spirit will help us to recall every day. Check out what happens when we remain with Him and depend on Him –> out of a close relationship with Him flows life. 🦋

As long as we remain in Christ, we will bear much fruit. We must choose, each day, to remain with Him and depend on Him. And when we do, He is there for us. We choose, through [love and obedience], to grow close to Him, and out of that relationship flows life. Being in community with God helps us rely less on ourselves and more on Him.”

Journal Entries/thoughts From ME

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This song was shared by a Journey Through the Word group member yesterday – seemed fitting for today’s post as well – may it lead you to worship and seek and reciprocate God’s abiding presence –

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