Not Made To Be Alone

A Love God Greatly Study


This introduction is not my own. I borrowed it from the Love God Greatly Journal, and I’m guessing some version of it has been on their blog page, so you may have already seen it. However, if I was going to write an introduction meant just for our little group, one that would encourage each participant to be committed to and participate in this little community¬† – I couldn’t have written it better than this. When I started this group two or three years ago it was in part out of concern for those who couldn’t get out or didn’t have a group to be a part of. Years ago God called me to equip, encourage, and empower women with His Word and I have been trying to do just that since the day He called me. However, because of family responsibilities, health issues of my own, and the whole covid shut-down I was struggling with the commitment of the two in-person groups I led,. So this group became a God directed outlet of hope to help others to stay or be strengthened in their faith by spending time in God’s Word, both personally and also with an online group of women hungry for the same thing. My hope and prayer continues to be that our little community will develop into one where we share/discuss what we are learning or simply a favorite part of the day’s passage, and even praises and prayer requests. To quote the opening and closing words of the following introduction, “- I know this is hard. … but [ladies] we were not made to be alone; we were created for community.”¬†

I’m praying for each of you but I sure would love to know whose participating. It’s easy to let me know, simply share a comment or hit the like button after reading the introduction I can’t wait to see what God has for us in this study!

Week 1 Memory Verse: You can do this!
Week 1 Challenge: Enhance your study this week –
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