The power, the purpose, and the promise of God in action

Suggested Reading: Luke 1:26-56; SOAP 1:48-49

because he has looked upon the humble state of his servant.
For from now on all generations will call me blessed, because he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name;

Luke 1:48-49

If you have ever doubted what God can and will do, or should you ever doubt His promises in days to come – you only need to consider this story. The story is true, based on the history of God’s people and the incredible means by which He delivered His son, untainted by sin, into a world filled and dying from it. For from the barren womb of Elizabeth, in her “old age” and the virgin womb of Mary in her youth – God brought forth sons, one the messenger to prepare the way for the other, who would be the Savior of the world! This is the power, the purpose, and the promise of God in action. Surely, “Nothing” is, or ever will be, “impossible with God!”

Knowing God’s power and purpose to save a sin sick world, and seeing that He is a promise keeper of the ancient words He spoke since the foundations of the world – how then should we live? I believe we should live with hope that what God says He will do – He will indeed do. We should not be surprised by, nor doubt, what God can do or what He will do – instead, like Mary, we should listen to and explore what God says, and we should be sensitive and surrendered to His Presence and the work He does in and around us. We should be quick to worship Him and focus all the glory and honor on Him as both Elizabeth and Mary did. We should look for opportunities to point out His goodness and the great things He has done. We should not be puffed up about our position with God but remember that we are His humble servants, and honored by the fact that He looks on us with favor, choosing to give us His Son and to use us for His glory – to which end we should faithfully live.

Let us not miss the lesson found in the beauty of God’s intimate and relational nature, as we look at the larger passage and realize that God is faithful to intertwine our lives with others – so that we might rejoice with one another or encourage and lift each other up. Consider Elizabeth, suddenly pregnant in her old age, decades older than any other expectant mother around her – and her husband was now mute. It seems possible that she would have been feeling alone in her shockingly and unexpected pregnancy as she, undoubtedly, dealt with the natural fears or excitements every birth brings, and in her case, likely more so. Then – consider Mary, the young virgin – who – though having never slept with a man – now carried a child within her womb; and not just a child, but one who would be the Son of God. Clearly, these women needed each other. They needed someone who could understand and appreciate their unique situation, they needed encouragement – and renewed strength to face their future. So God, in His love and perfect timing brought them together – strengthening and assuring them of His presence with them and with their children. We would be wise to remember that He knows our needs as well and thus to embrace the relationships He offers us with other believers, through the bond of Christ.

My Response to God’s Word

Father, how very great You are, placing a child in the womb of a virgin and an old woman. Only You could do such greatness and with such purpose. Again, I see Your perfect timing and I witness the affect Your Presence has on us when I am attentive and yielded to You Spirit. As You found favor in Your servant Mary, find favor in me I pray. Use me to carry Your love to the world and to encourage others. Thank You for the eternal blessing of Your Son through whom nothing is impossible with You. All glory and honor to You, most good and faithful God!

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