The God Who Restores, An LGG Study

Father, Your Word makes it clear that all have sinned and fall short of Your glory, and having done so our payment should be death; but in this first week of advent You have reminded us that You are a loving, good, and gracious God, who has given all who believe in Your Son – life instead of death! And with that promise comes the hope of eternity with You in Your Kingdom – the New Jerusalem – yet to come! As we wait for our Redeemer’s return, may Your Spirit teach us and keep us faithful to pray for peace, prosperity, and security for Your people, both here and around the world – Thank You for the Love God Greatly ministry that not only enhances our relationship with You, but for the focus they place on reaching and transforming women with Your Word in every nation and tribe! You know me Father, You know my passion for all things Christmas – but the trees and lights and shopping, the hurry and busyness to get things done clamor for our attention daily. Help me/us to make sure to not allow – what can be the joys of the season – to distract me/us from the first advent – the coming of the Christ child – the reason for the season.

Thank You for the encouragement of Advent to focus and refocus our hearts on Your promises God. The promise we read of in week one, of peace and of no more tears or sorrow or pain and suffering, was one we can never hear enough. However, to those who are currently in challenging seasons of their lives, it was a particularly wonderful reminder and source of encouragement.

Jesus, help us to live today and every day, preparing for Your return. Help us to know what boundaries to set in order to be guarded from trading the peace You came to bring for the busyness of the season and the demands of every day life.

Holy Spirit – Prepare our hearts as we begin the second week of Advent. As Jesus did with His disciples, open our minds to understand The Word that we will read, and help us to grow by it, to live it out, and to share it for the glory of Your Holy and powerful Name! – Amen, so let it be!

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