The Wisdom and Power of God


Scripture Reading: Genesis 46:31-47:27 (SOAP – Proverbs 8:12-17)

By me kings reign,
and by me potentates decree righteousness;
16 by me princes rule,
as well as nobles and all righteous judges.
17 I will love those who love me,
and those who seek me diligently will find me.  NLT
Today’s Focus Verse(s): Proverbs 8:15-17

In case you’ve ever wondered who appoints kings and rulers of all sorts, God’s Word makes it crystal clear – it is unquestionably Him. Joseph is a prime example, a 17-year-old boy who was sold into slavery, wrongly accused and thrown into a dungeon, forgotten about, and yet somehow rose to be the second in command over all of Egypt.

  • It is also helpful to understand that wisdom is a capacity to make godly decisions based on knowledge, and that God is the true source of the wisdom referred to in this passage.
  • We see this wisdom in Joseph through the span of his time in Egypt, both in the way he handles the tragic situations of his life, as well as in the interpretation and advice concerning Pharaoh’s dream and the handling of the famine.


Picking up where we left off, Joseph has just been reunited with his father and now begins to advise his family on the next steps, which will be appearing before Pharaoh and appealing to him for the family to settle in the land of Goshen. Pharaoh is pleased to settle Joseph’s family in the best region of the land, the land of Goshen. While the land of Canaan wasted away due to the famine Jacob and his household were well provided for because God, in His sovereign goodness, had placed Joseph in a position to provide enough food for them all.

 Israel [Jacob’s household] settled in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen, and they owned land there. They were fruitful and increased rapidly in number.

Genesis 47:27 NLT

Things do not go as well for the Canaanites and Egyptians who were forced by the severity of the famine to use their money to buy grain that Joseph had stockpiled for this purpose. When their money was gone they were forced to exchange their animals for grain from Joseph, and eventually they were so desperate that they gave their land and themselves, as slaves to Pharaoh, in exchange for food. As Joseph’s family enjoyed the blessings of his position under Pharaoh, Pharaoh enjoyed the blessing of Joseph’s management that resulted in his acquisition of all of the animals, the land (with the exception of the portion belonging to the priests), and the people. It should also be noted that while the cost of the famine had a great and lasting affect on the people of Egypt and Canaan, they were provided for and expressed thankfulness to Joseph for saving their lives and showing them favor by allowing them to still farm the land and eat from it.

Other Notable Observation(s):

When we read that “Israel settled in the land of Egypt” (27) , we must remember that this is referring to Jacob and his family; however, the name is also the identity of the nation that God has promised will one day come from Jacob.


Whether we like, or appreciate, or agree with our ‘rulers’ – we must not forget that they are appointed by God –

The ones who seek Him and love Him will know His guidance.

Prayer: Response to God’s Word.

Father, thank You for Your sovereign control and wisdom. Help us to seek you and love You so that we will know Your guidance and be able to make godly decisions based on the knowledge we receive from You. True wisdom is from You, and James wrote that You give liberally to all who ask for it, may we not neglect this awesome privilege.

  • Why is it important for God’s leaders to have wisdom?
  • How can you lead with wisdom today?
  • How can you also humble yourself and submit to the authorities God has placed in your life?
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