Choosing God Instead of the World – Recap of Week-2

A Love God Greatly Study


This week, through the continuing saga of Jacob and his family we have learned the wisdom of setting our mind on Things Above instead of things on the earth that tend to draw us away from God. We have learned how God wants us to honor Him with what He’s given us, even when we aren’t completely satisfied with what that is. We’ve seen the difficulty and yet the benefits of loving others in the way we live and not just by the things we say. Without question, we have seen how we must trust God’s promises if we are going to choose His ways over the ways of the world, especially in times of fear and difficulty. On our final day – probably my favorite – and a great summation of the week – we witnessed God giving Jacob a new name and we learned that sometimes even when we walk away limping from a battle, prevailing can be determined by how long we stay in the battle. Those who hold on to God and don’t let go receive the blessing.


During our third week we will dive into Genesis 33 and wind up the week in Genesis 37 with the story of Joseph’s dream. , We will hear from authors of the New and Old Testaments along the way – as we continue to explore the ways and benefits of Choosing God Instead Of The World .

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