Standing On The Promises

Scripture Reading: Genesis 32:1-21; Psalm 56:3-4, 10-11; (SOAP: 56:3-4)

When I am afraid,I trust in you.In God—I boast in his promise—in God I trust; I am not afraid.What can mere men do to me?  Psalm  56:3-4  NET

In today’s Genesis’ passage we see Jacob prepare to meet Esau by setting a plan into motion that involved inviting Esau to meet him. Then Jacob prayed with bold honesty, telling God of his fears, remembering God’s faithfulness, goodness, and promises. He lays his fears before Him and they were overcome by all that He knew to be true about His God, the God of Abraham and Isaac. He stood on the promises of God and made plans to meet Esau rather than run – this is evidence of His trust.

We see the same thing in our focus passage from Psalm 56:3-4. Like Jacob the Psalmist had or was experiencing fear but chose to trust in God and to boast in the promises of God rather than cave to the fear what man could do to him. To boast in something is to put our confidence in it – to stand on what we know to be true of a person, place, or thing. What a great lesson to put into action in our relationship with God and the world.

*Note on Jacob’s strategies… Some would say that Jacob didn’t really trust because he came up with a plan even after praying for God to rescue him. Perhaps this is a right interpretation, however, I believe praying in faith and believing God is going to do something does not negate the need to act or plan wisely. After all, don’t forget it was God who let Mordecai hear the plot of Haman to kill the Jews, just as it appeared to be God who allowed Jacob to hear the conversation of his brothers-in-law – revealing how Laban felt, and for that matter Rebekah hearing Esau’s plan to kill Jacob. In all of these circumstances the people acting wisely upon what they heard represented their trust in God.

Application: How Then Should I Live?

When we are afraid we are to put our trust in God. In this way we will not fear the circumstances of our life nor the men who make us afraid. The key to this, throughout all of Scripture is standing on the promises of God. When the fears of the world assault us we must choose to trust in God.

Prayer: Response to God’s Word

Father, thank You for teaching me to trust in You more than I fear what man can do. Thank You for Jacob’s example of remembering Your promises – and speaking them out loud to You. He boasted in You and counted himself as unworthy of Your faithful love. Thank You for showing me You incomparable greatness, not only in Your Word and the history of Your people but in my life. – Oh how I praise You – Amen!

It’s Your Turn
  • In what areas of your life do you often ask God for deliverance but then create your own rescue plans?
  • What would happen if you waited on God for deliverance?
  • Do you believe waiting on God for deliverance means do nothing more than have faith?
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