Women of Nobel Character: Fearing the Lord

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 31; SOAP: Proverbs 31:28-30

Her children have risen and called her blessed;

her husband also has praised her:

29 “Many daughters have done valiantly,

but you have surpassed them all!”

30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting.

A woman who fears the Lord—she makes herself praiseworthy.

Proverbs 31:28-30 NET

OBSERVATION: What’s the story?

Can i be honest? Ever since my divorce I have tuned this verse out. Once seeking to strive for it but now no longer feeling qualified because of lacking the title – “wife”. So when I saw it on this week’s schedule and sat down to reread it and then write a devotional – let me just say there was some resistance. However, God is good and His Spirit gentle and swiftly brought peace and gave wisdom to delve into the passage from a different angle. This involved some “Google Searches”, namely, “can an unmarried person have noble character?”. To my delight I wasn’t the only one that had googled such a question and I found a wonderful answer that pushed me to another look at the passage. The author, Lauren Oquist, wrote:

…if you read Proverbs 31 closely, none of the skills she has depend on her husband or kids. She has these skills because she exercises wisdom in everything she does.

The standards for a “virtuous wife” are the same standards for a virtuous woman — single or married.

Can I Be a Proverbs 31 Woman if I’m Single?
NOVEMBER 27, 2017 Lauren Oquist

She goes on to give a list of character traits that are seen in verse 13-25, including: trustworthy, hard worker, resourceful, Makes good use of her time, Good with money, generous, thinks ahead, and she’s wise. All worthy traits right, but here’s the quote that got me and freed me from the agony of hearing or coming across this passage again. (Don’t you just love the way the Spirit works?)

This is what will characterize us as a “Proverbs 31 Woman”: our fear of the Lord. Our genuine desire, from the core of who we are, to please Him.

Can I Be a Proverbs 31 Woman if I’m Single?
NOVEMBER 27, 2017, Lauren Oquist

I truly believe that even if I were still married this go-round with P31 and the beautiful devotion by Lauren Oquist would have still brought the relief and encouragement I now feel. Of course this means I will also be purposefully honing some of these traits again – so then there’s that – LOL!


While fearing the LORD is the thing that characterizes us as being of ‘noble character’, or a Proverbs 31 woman, the character traits listed above are still important to our lifestyle. The good news is the stronger our “core desire to please Him” is, the easier – or perhaps I should say, the more natural, the traits will be.


Father, thank You for hearing by prayer to guide me through this last and dreaded lesson. Your Spirit graciously did not let me lay it aside nor did He fail to open my eyes and mind to understand it better. Strengthen my core desire to please You and to be characterized as a “woman who fears the LORD – and makes herself praiseworthy.”


What’s your take away from the Proverb 31 passage?

  • Why is it important to live our lives focused on Jesus?
  • How does this one simple choice impact all areas of our lives?
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