John’s Testimony: This Is the Son of God

Read John 1:19-42 and SOAP John 1:34

  I have both seen and testified that this man is the Chosen One of God.”

John 1:34

John uses a variety of names to identify Jesus to the people in verse 19-42, for instance in the NET version John references Him as Lord (23), The Lamb of God (29, 36), and The Son of God (34). On top of the specific names John also uses several specific references such as “the One – whose sandal strap I’m not worthy to untie” (27), “the one who takes away the sin of the world!” (29),”a man who has surpassed me, because He existed before me.” (30), “The One who baptizes with the Holy Spirit” (33). All of these references are specific to this One Man. They are applicable to Jesus alone.

John had a job to do – a ministry call to fulfill, for he was commissioned before he was even born to “prepare the way for the Lord” (Luke 1:17 and 76), and he did it well. However, he not only tasked with telling people who Jesus was – but he had seen who Jesus was. God gave John an unmistakable sign that left no room for doubt that Jesus was the Chosen One, The true and undeniable Lamb of God.

Every time I read this portion of Scripture, one question pops in my head and convicts my heart. What is my testimony about Jesus? This question is followed by a seemingly endless list of follow-up questions like – Do I know Him well enough to testify about Him? Am I certain enough of who He is that I talk freely and assuredly about Him, where He came from, what He can do, and what He’s done already? I am convinced that if we are to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8) we must be able to move beyond simply knowing His name and His birthday, to seeing “who He is” because God has shown us who He is! – We must be able, like John, to say without wavering – “I have both seen and testified that this man is the Chosen One of God”.

Yes God, may we see the Son through Your eyes, may we watch for and remember the ways you make Him known to us so that in due time we can make Him known to others. May our lips not only name Him but may we point Him out with descriptions that testify to who He really is. In all of this may You be glorified.

Me, From the Inside Out – 2 Corinthians 5:17

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