Pray to Abide in Christ (1.0)

The Importance of Prayer, A Love God Greatly Study – w2d5
Read: John 15:1-8; SOAP: John 15:5

“I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remain in me—and I in him—bears much fruit, because apart from me you can accomplish nothing.

John 15:5

I believe it is important to grasp the whole vine and gardener analogy to truly appreciate and rightly apply the message of verse 5.

In verses 1-4

  • Jesus likens Himself to a vine and God to a gardener,
  • He says we are the branches.
  • Some branches will be “taken away” and some “will be pruned”.
    • It is vital that we stay focused on the analogy of the vine, branches, and gardener and remember that in a real life gardening scenario some branches are already dead because they were never truly attached and viable, so they are thrown out. This is in no way teaching that believers will be cut away from Jesus.
  • The disciples would have understood the statement, “You are already clean” as a message from Christ that they were among those with a true saving faith. (see John 13:1-11)
  • Jesus teaches in verse 4 that if they remain or stay in Him/connect to Him then – in turn – He remains in them and they will produce spiritual fruit.

In verse 5, Jesus expands on what He’s already stated about Him being the vine and now makes it clear that we are the branches. Of course, this is just an analogy. Jesus isn’t truly a vine nor are we branches but it is a good illustration of how Jesus is the source of life for all who believe in HIm. Much like us working in our gardens, throwing away all the things that are dead and pruning our growing and viable plants and then enjoying the beautiful new blooms/growth in the weeks and months to come – Jesus teaches, when the branches are pruned – they will bear more “fruit”, bearing evidence of God’s work in our lives. He also teaches, the one who remains (abides … stays) in Him bears much fruit. You see, our faith involves active participation and this produces much fruit. However, the ones who just hang close to the vine but do not actively participate or take nourishment from the vine (remember they were never truly connected to the vine) will be cut off and thrown into the fire. In the analogy. as the gardener, God knows which are which and tends to us (the branches) accordingly. Finally, don’t miss that it is a joint participation – requiring not only us abiding in Him but Him abiding in us – for apart from Him we can accomplish nothing.

Father – through Faith – I am attached to Jesus, and He abides in me. help me to produce fruit to Your glory.

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