You are Good

Father, You are Good – To define it is sometimes difficult – because it is simply and yet profoundly who You are – GOOD! Teach me to know Your goodness – to see it, and hear it, and sense it, and to walk in it, and share it all of my days. For you desire it in me and by Your Spirit have equipped me for it.

Even as I asked this of You – to teach me to know Your Goodness – I lay down my pen and begin to read from my “One Thousand Gifts” devotional and you meet me there on the page revealing Your goodness in Your intimacy with me – for there on the page I read: “Augustine had asked two questions of the world: ‘If there is no God, why is there so much good? If there is a God, why is there so much evil?'” … I continue to read and line upon line alludes to Your goodness. I asked and You begin to answer – and even Your beginning – it is Good. “All this good makes me grateful, and my own heart needs this – A filling of His great-fullness. Gratefulness is always to someone and when I am grateful, isn’t it always evidence of God? – A filling of awe of His goodness.” I turned the page and there it was – the ultimate expression – just what I began this prayer with – Your answer to me – “There are things that need no words. HIS LOVE clearly manifest in the everywhere problem of GOOD.”

WOW God! and I echo the prayer she pens at the bottom of the page – “… in a world that faces the very real problem of evil, may I face it everywhere today – the very real proof of good.” And Father, may I – in seeing it and hearing it and sensing it – may I then be given words that are fitting to proclaim it! Your goodness begs to be proclaimed!

As I drove to work You continued to answer by opening my senses to the the bulging river, green trees, the fresh air, the donkey and the kid (goat) – I love seeing them – it’s the simple things that make me smile. And again, my soul echoes – You are Good!

(quotes from “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp)

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