The Time Ticks Before Me

Father I literally run into Your presence, knowing the time ticks before me but blessed by Your Goodness to speak and intwine me in the pages of my morning devotional from One Thousand Gifts. 

You are Good!

Your words jump off the page to me – reminding me again of Your very real, very intimate, personal love! 

What a relationship we are building – You and me – Your Son the Chief Cornerstone, of course <3 

and then ‘brick by brick’  – these encounters – words from me – words from You – pages turning, seeds planted, watering, weeding – growing <3 Walking and talking – long drives, silent sometme but often filled with language, anguish, tears, comfort <3 Ah, so many different layers – some not so straight but their crookedness tells the story of the years where I veered off to the left or the right – some show cracks and crevices where I fell and You had to pick me up – but layer upon layer they are built – these years of knowing You – The Master Builder – Faithful – never walking off the job – always pursuing – always showing me how He could make it better – how we could get past the flaws and even use them to enhance the beauty – Your beauty Father – Your Face – Your grace – This morning – it’s all I see! <3

I have to go now. I have to walk out the door into the unknown – But I’m blessed by the reminder I do not walk alone. <3 

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