A Pure Life

based on the LGG Study, The Armor of God / w6d5

Scripture: Psalm 119:9-16 / SOAP: verse 11

In my heart I store up your words,
so I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11

Oh my goodness, I love-love-love this passage. I can’t remember when I first ran across it, but I believe it was one of the first set of verses I put to memory back in the early nineties. I’ve probably said it here before, but I love passages of Scripture with straightforward, step-by-step instructions like this one.

The Psalmist asks, “How can a young person maintain a pure life?” From the same pen flows the simple but complex answer(s). Obviously, the SOAP verse is the crux of the answer: to “hide or store up God’s Word in our heart.” As we saw in the previous post, this is undoubtedly a chief means of combating the enemy in battle. Jesus is a testimony of this throughout His ministry, but very clearly in Matthew 4:1-11. However, by way of application to our everyday life we must also note all the other ways the Psalmist outlines living a pure life.

  • Living by God’s Word
  • Knowing God’s Word
  • Staying faithful to God’s Word
  • Focusing on God’s Behavior
  • Seeking God
  • Praying to God for Help
  • Praising God
  • Being taught by God
  • Delight in God’s way
  • Remember God’s instructions
  • Meditating on God’s precepts*

*Rules dictating behavior

Is Living A Pure and Holy Life Possible?

Absolutely! Everything God has called us to is possible through Him, who called us by His own glory and goodness. However, it takes intentionality and consistency in choosing God’s way over yours. Applying the criteria the Psalmist lists takes a lifetime of dying to self and daily following Christ’s steps, which is basically what Christ told the crowd in the ninth chapter of Luke when He said: “If anyone wants to become my follower, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily, and follow me.” When this is how we choose to live, when we intentionally and consistently choose God’s way over the world’s, we will find ourselves living the pure and holy life the Psalmist sought after and that God has called us to live.

God has already made us holy in Christ. He has already set us apart and saved us. Now he calls us to make choices that reflect who we already are.

Commentary on 1 Peter 1:15-16 / Bibleref.org – See Going Further in the Journey
Prayer of Response to God’s Word

Father, You have called us to be holy as You are holy. This can seem an overwhelming demand upon our life until we also remember that Your servant Peter said that You have empowered us to be all that You have called us to be. We are able to be set apart and holy because through Christ You have made us new creations – the old has gone and the new is here. Help us to live up to what You created us to be. Help us to live lives that are set apart from the world, lives that reflect You and not the world. Help us to die to self and live for You, to follow in the ways of Christ our Lord and Savior. Help us to remember that we are Yours and have been set apart for You. Help us to be hungry for your Word, to hide it in our heart so that we might not sin against You. Help us to stay faithful to Your Word that it might dictate our behavior. In this You will be glorified as we live as Your representatives in Christ – in Whose name I pray – Amen and amen!

Reflecting on the Journey

What role does God’s Word play in our lives, and what impact does it have?

Going Further in the Journey

but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, 1 Peter 1:15

since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”

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