Set Apart In the Truth

based on the LGG Study, The Armor of God, w1d4

Scripture: John 17;14-19 / SOAP: verse 17

Set them apart in the truth; your word is truth. 

John 17:17

I had the best time studying today’s passage but the day got in the way and then the evening responsibilities and here I am with so much to say but falling asleep trying to say it. My guess is I will eventually get it shared but for now I’m going to share a portion of today’s LGG Devotional and prayer with the hope that you will find encouragement and see the correlation between Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and Paul’s instructions about putting on the “belt of truth”. –

The Foundational Piece of Armor

The belt of truth is the foundational piece of the armor of God. It is designed to keep all the other pieces of armor in their place. This verse reminds us of the power of God’s Word and the importance of knowing it in our lives. When we make a habit of reading and studying the BIble, we are intentionally saturating our mind and heart with the truth. This truth serves as our spiritual armor, equipping us to stand firm in our faith and resist the attacks of the enemy.

God’s Word is the Truth

Because God’s Word is truth, it not only sets us apart from the world but sets us free, too. We acknowledge our emotions and the value they play in our lives, but we also know their place. Our emotions do not dictate what is true in our lives. Only God’s Word has that honor.

  • Prayer: May we never forget the power of Your Word. May Your truth be the foundation of my life. Set us apart for Your glory. Help us to remember to clothe ourselves with the belt of truth each morning as we strive to clothe our minds and hearts with your Words and Your truth – Amen!

Reflecting on the Journey

What does John 17:17 teach us about the sanctification process and the relationship between God’s Word and truth?

Going Further

For more on God’s Word is Truth visit

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