From Broken to Restored

based on the LGG study, From Broken to Restored, w6d4

Scripture: Nehemiah 13:30-31 / SOAP: 13:31b

Please remember me for good, O my God.

Nehemiah 13:31b

This has been a repeated prayer for Nehemiah throughout chapter thirteen.

  • Please remember me for this, O my God, and do not wipe out the kindness that I have done for the temple of my God and for its services! 13:14
  • For this please remember me, O my God, and have pity on me in keeping with your great love. 13:22b

I love the opening paragraph of today’s LGG devotion. It points out that not only did Nehemiah do incredible things for Israel, but that God appointed him as the leader of His people when they were both physically and spiritually broken and vulnerable.

Think back over what we have read on our journey through Nehemiah. Remember how Nehemiah was determined to not let anything stop the rebuilding of the wall. Even with all of the challenges and interruptions that came their way the building continued. In large part, this was because Nehemiah “guarded the people and encouraged them when things were difficult. He protected them and challenged them to remain steadfast as they worked hard to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, the walls that would protect and set apart God’s people.”1

Nehemiah was a godly leader, a faithful servant who wanted God to remember what he had done – not because of sinful pride but, I believe, because he desired God’s approval. My favorite lesson of all the passages we’ve read in Nehemiah is that he was desirous – if not determined – to turn the people’s hearts to God. Oh that we might learn from His example. May we heed Paul’s advice to Timothy and work hard to receive God’s approval by being good workers who aren’t ashamed and who correctly explain God’s Word the right way. (2 Timothy 2:15)

The purpose of the walls was to protect and set apart God’s people.

Perhaps the best take-away from this six week study is that, “From broken to restored” was about more than just the restoration of the wall, it was about the restoration of God’s people.

1The LGG Devotion, From Broken to Restored, w6d4

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