Knowing When to Say No

based on the Love God Greatly Study, From Broken to Restored / w3d2

Scripture: Nehemiah 6:1-9 / SOAP verse 10

The enemies were paying attention, and they were not happy with the news that the wall had been rebuilt. The wall made them feel threatened, so they asked to meet with Nehemiah. However, he was alert and on to their plan to stop the completion of the wall. For that reason, coupled with the fact that he believed they intended to do him harm,1 he replied with a resounding ‘no’ to their invitation, saying: “I am engaged in an important work, and I am unable to come down. Why should the work come to a halt when I leave it to come down to you.?” After answering this way four more times, Nehemiah received another message from Sanballat, obviously desperate and persistent, with an accusation that he and the Jews were plotting to make Nehemiah the King. Of course, it was a scare tactic attempting to stop the construction, but Nehemiah assured his accuser that the allegations were completely false.

1Nehemiah 6:2

Love God Greatly Devotion excerpt / w3d2

Reflections on Today’s Journey

It is easy for us to think that we aren’t doing anything worthwhile to anyone else, but today’s LGG devotion writer wrote: if you are working to advance God’s kingdom, to honor and glorify Him, or to serve and equip God’s people, you too have been given important work. She goes on to write, “Like Nehemiah, we must remain steadfast in the face of difficulty. No matter if attacks come, no matter how threatening they seem, we must stay faithful and committed, not distracted or deterred by what (or who) may be trying to stop us.

Borrowed in part from LGG Devotion

What kind of focus and determination was required of Nehemiah to respond this way to his enemies (see Nehemiah 6:3)? How can you have the same focus in your work for the kingdom?

Going Further

Consider this encouragement from today’s LGG Devotion Journal

God has given us all an important work: to make disciples of all nations. Whatever role He has given you in that task, stay engaged, stay faithful, and stay focused. Do not let the enemy distract you. You are engaged in important work, work worth your time, effort, and resources. Let’s keep doing this important work until it is finished.

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