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based on the Love God Greatly Study, From Broken to Restored / w2d1

“These next few chapters of Nehemiah (chapters 4-6) recount the opposition the Jews faced as they began rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The author of Nehemiah intentionally included these details, reminding his readers that opposition to God’s work is not a reason to stop.” borrowed from the LGG devotional journal, from Broken to Restored, w2d1

Scripture: Nehemiah 4:1-5; Genesis 13:1-18 and 19:36-38; Numbers 22:3-6; Deuteronomy 2:19, 23:3-4 / SOAP: Psalm 54:3-5

For foreigners attack me;
ruthless men, who do not respect God, seek my life. (Selah)
Look, God is my deliverer.
The Lord is among those who support me.
May those who wait to ambush me be repaid for their evil.
As a demonstration of your faithfulness, destroy them.

Psalm 54:3-5

The details of today’s passages are helpful because they let us know who was opposing the Jews in the rebuilding of the walls. You might find it interesting to know they weren’t only enemies of God but they were also from the family of God’s people – sons of Lot, one (Moab, the Moabite) through his oldest daughter and one (Ben Ammi, the Ammonite) through his youngest. (Genesis 13:1-18, 19:36-38; Numbers 22:3-6; Deuteronomy 2:19, 23:3-4).

The rebuilding of the wall meant opposition early on, as is seen in most of our passages today. Nehemiah 4:1-5 tells about one of those situations and gives us insight on handling the opposition. Nehemiah leads/teaches by example – he PRAYS. He actually prays a very bold prayer. This is also true of the Psalmists’ words in 54:3-5, who is dealing with terrorists (foreign attackers), ruthless me, who did not respect God. The Psalmist reminds the people to remember that God is His deliverer and is among His supporters. Then, he too, prays a bold prayer of faith against his attackers.

It seems we would be wise to remember God in these ways as well, One that delivers and supports His people. When we are distressed by the evil of this world or the personal attacks/battles of life — the first thing we should do is – SEEK GOD! He is our faithful deliverer.

The LGG Team wrote it like this:

Like Nehemiah, when we face opposition, we need to remember God’s faithfulness. he will help us accomplish the work He has given us, and He will guard and defend His people until His will is done. It doesn’t matter who opposes us. God may not immediately remove the opposition we face, but He is always faithful to give us endurance as we continue in His good work.

Psalm 54:3-5
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