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Today’s Verse: Hebrews 4:12

When life seems devoid of hope – He is a well-spring of life – just as water is a source of life for the deer.

Hebrews 4:12

One of the ways I see God’s goodness is the way He uses His Word to guide us, teach us, and correct us. He equips us with the Word and fills us with peace, verse after verse encourages us and gives us hope. He uses His Word in so many ways in the lives of His children. He uses it as a light for those who have wandered away from His path – and as salvation for those who are lost.

Every word is living and filled with power. Every Word is trustworthy and true, providing strength for the weary and hurting and wisdom for the confused. It is food for our soul and healing for the broken. Without it we would be lost – both literally and figuratively.

Response to God’s Word

God thank You for Your living and Holy Word. May its light always be my guide and its power my strength! Help me to walk by them to talk of them morning, noon, and night – to use them faithfully to teach, to encourage, and to equip others til the whole world knows You and lives by every active Word You’ve spoken.

Ancient words ever true – changing me and changing you
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