Commit to a Pure Heart

Read: Psalm 51; Soap: Psalm 51:10

Create for me a pure heart, O God.
Renew a resolute spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10

Have mercy … wipe away … wash away … cleanse me … forgive me … cleanse me … grant me forgiveness … hide Your face from my sin … do not reject me … rescue me from the guilt … do not take your holy Spirit away … David, obviously convicted for his sin of adultery with Bathsheba, pleads with God throughout this prayer for forgiveness. He is contrite, truly sorry for the sins he has committed, and desperately wants God’s forgiveness. He realizes he doesn’t deserve what he requests but appeals to God’s great compassion.

It is equally important to note that David doesn’t just ask for forgiveness but he pleads for God to cleanse him, to wash him, to rescue him … He knows his heart has been deceptive and that he needs God to renew a right Spirit, one that would stand strong and firm, resolute, against the temptations he might face going forward. This is important to our application of this verse, because unless we realize the treachery of our sin we will continually walk in it, and rather than repentantly coming to God as David does here – we will flippantly utter the words while perhaps still walking in the sin.

Sin is a dangerous enemy for the Christian, so we must have a healthy respect for the impact it can have on our lives and the lives of others. It is important for us to deal with our sin daily so that it does not take hold of us … which I believe is why David prayed for God to give Him a pure – unadulterated-heart.

May we be committed to seek God for a heart that is pure and pleasing to Him – Amen!

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