“God is good!” We say it all the time, right? Well, we say it a lot – especially when things are going well – right? Admittedly, it is easier to say when things are going our way – but we may need to let the truth of this quote by Ann Voskamp sink in and stir our hearts to praise Him even when life doesn’t seem “good”. Here’s a recent example in my own life … as we waited for the ambulance to come the evening mom fell and broke her femur – in the midst of all the other thoughts going through my mind came this one thought – God thank you that she had her phone with her this time! It was a conversation she and I had had many times because she never kept it with her or knew where it was … but on this late afternoon, when I was out for the evening and most likely wouldn’t have checked on her until much later – she had it with her and I found myself saying over and over – in the midst of the trauma that was unfolding … in the middle of all the unknown that was ahead of us – God you are so good to have had her phone with her… and that one praise led to a host of others. You are so good to have given us friends/family that could get to her quicker than we could … You are so good to have kept her from hitting her head, just inches from a massive table leg that would have surely done damage … You are so good to have kept the spinal injury from being more serious … The ‘declaration’ became a saving grace as we waited out that long night in the ER …

YOUR TURN – HOW HAVE YOU SEEN HIS GOODNESS IN THE MIDST OF THE NOT SO GOOD? Feel free to share your response in the comment bar
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