Be Ready –

Taken, One Left Week 4, Day 3 of Come, Lord Jesus, Come (A Love God Greatly Study)

Scripture Reading: Luke 17:22-37 (SOAP: Luke 17:34-35)

 I tell you, in that night there will be two people in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. There will be two women grinding grain together; one will be taken and the other left.”

Luke 17:34-35 NET


The entire passage leads up to Jesus’ conversation with the disciples about the end times. In telling them that they would not know the day the day or hour, He used the comparison of “The days of Noah and the days of Sodom to make the point – “One will be taken and the other left” – which we find in our soap passage.

Application – So, What Does This Mean For Us

In regards to the soap passage, the obvious answer for this question is that we must be ready, so that whether we are in the field working or asleep in bed we will not be left behind. We must be prepared for His return, irregardless of when it occurs. I also think it is important to understand verse 33, where we read: “Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it.” in other words, we must let go of the things, places, and people that bind us to this world. Or to put it in the words of Joshua, “choose this day whom you will serve”, Joshua 24:15.

Prayer – Response To God’s Word

Father, I don’t fully understand this passage, except that Jesus’ return is known only by You and that we (I) should not hold tightly to the things (people/places/things) of this world. Please help me to die to self daily, choosing You over the world – in Jesus’ mighty name!

Your Turn

What is one way that we can be ready for Christ?

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