Reflection and Preview

A Look Back at week three

In week three we have seen everything from reconciliation to horrific revenge, the difference between choosing life and death, the benefit of holding on tightly to our faith, and the importance of being faithful even in a little thing. With all of these lessons we have seen the wisdom in choosing God instead of the world in our own lives.

A Look AheaD to week four

As we move into week four we will get to know Joseph and see his extraordinary reaction to the horrifying and challenging events of his life. We will read shocking details about the life of Judah, another of of Jacob’s sons, and get a glimpse of God’s fingerprints in the outcome generations later. We will also listen as Joseph moves from dreaming dreams to interpreting the dreams of others.

Your turn: (Comments are welcome below)
  • What stood out to you this week from the story of Jacob?
  • What were your early impressions of Joseph?
  • What benefits or reasons are you seeing for choosing God instead of the world?
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