Monday is the launch day of our new LGG Study – Beautifully Surrendered! I’ve done studies about women of the Bible before but I’m so excited to get a closer glimpse at how each one learned to walk by faith rather than by sight, even when they walked through pain or difficult situations that they didn’t understand. Join me on Monday morning and let’s learn from these women how to walk beautifully surrendered, while finding a greater purpose in the pain. (excerpts taken from the LGG Announcement – read the full announcement at

Let me know if you have questions – otherwise the first post – with everything you need – will be available first thing Monday morning for whenever you’re ready to get started.

I hope you’ll join us for the journey. There’s a comment bar available that I invite you to use for your thoughts on the day’s passage. You never know how your words may be an encouragement to others.

The study is also available on my Facebook Group Page – Journey Through the Word. The group is available at the link below.

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