The One Worthy of Praise!

Every day I will praise you.
I will praise your name continually.
The Lord is great and certainly worthy of praise.
No one can fathom his greatness.

Psalm 145:2-3
Praise is a choice

Praise is a choice, a way of life. It has a focus and a reason and when the focus and reason are good and right, when they are the LORD and His greatness, when they are real – then the praise will never end – for God will never cease to amaze us, even in the midst of our suffering.

How then should I live?

It is good to read and even pray through the Psalms but to truly apply them we must seek the relationship with God and the knowledge of God that the Psalmist has. Otherwise our focus will be only words on a page – quickly forgotten or laid aside because they hold no real value.

My Prayer Response

Father, truly no one can fathom, or understand, Your greatness! But from the time I was given even a glimpse of Your greatness I learned to say – with or like the Psalmist – LORD, You are great and worthy of PRAISE; and I am certain I will praise Your name and deeds forever!

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