“One of the biggest and most humbling questions in life is what happens when we die. We long for peace, for certainty to know that, even though our lives on earth will end, there is something more. But how can we know for sure? How can we be certain death is not the end? – The only true answer is found in the Scriptures – the Word of God – and the Book of John is a great place to start … Through the reading of John’s Gospel we can know what it means to have faith in Jesus and what it means to have eternal life. – If you’ve ever had questions about faith – this Bible study is for you – whether you’ve never placed your faith in Jesus or you’ve been walking with Him for more years than you can remember – Our Security for Eternity will deepen your understanding of who Jesus is.”

Come join me for this 6 week journey through John's Gospel. Regardless of how often you've heard it, read it, or studied it I am confident that God's Spirit will make it fresh - for His Word is alive and active and has the power to transform our lives.
Join me for week one of “Our Security for Eternity” from the Gospel of John (March 7 – March 11)

Discover how to SOAP the Scriptures for a more meaningful Bible Study

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