It’s the Little Things

July 25

How can I say thank-you Father for this day? Perhaps one of the best days, longest days, quietly blessed day that I remember for a long time – a very long time – at least here at home <3 The water, the sun, the ‘quiet’ noise of lawn mowers, children playing across the way, neighbors talking – the feel of a book in my hand, laundry going and sweat dripping.

It’s the Little Things!

Conversations by the pool with my girls, dinner prep in the kitchen, more pool time, dinner on the porch and sweet conversations – interrupted slightly by memories of Scott, but how does one have days here without that? – Anyway – one goes riding, one walking, and me – more reading by the pool – more quiet. The night grows cooler as the sun pushes further back – but then a late night swim – neighbors on their deck, children playing late into the night – Oh Yes LORD! Thank You for this very wonderful day <3 I love you so much <3

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