Choosing God Instead of the World


I hope you have loved our journey through Genesis with Jacob and Joseph as much as I have. My prayer is you are walking away from it with new mentors of the faith and insight and motivation to choose God instead of the world. While we had many many focus verses and wonderful passages of history and instruction along the way may we be quick to remember the study memory verse as our greatest motivation –

When we are intent on loving God, what the world has to offer us will be less and less appealing. - Me from the Insideout

Instead of writing out a review of where we’ve been and what we’ve hopefully seen and learned I have decided to wrap-up the study with this link someone shared with me half way through the study. Sometimes seeing something portrayed on the screen can be a wonderful tool for our memory. (this video does not belong to me, it has been borrowed and shared from

If you do not know the God of Jacob and Joseph or if you have questions about how to know and trust Him please message me, I’d love to chat with you about the greatest love and relationship you will ever know. Check it out for yourself at the links below –

Join me tomorrow to see what’s next

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