Nothing Can Separate Me

August 22, 2020

Father, You are Good and I am thankful. Thankful that I do not work on Saturday so that I am able to awake later and STAY in bed or sit at my desk – in the quiet – undisturbed – unscheduled day and hear Your voice and read Your Word and glean and write and encourage and be encouraged … where I can hide Your Word in my heart and rehearse it … where my body finds rest and my heart and mind restoration. You meet me on Saturdays with Your healing balm and I am eternally blessed.

This morning’s Scripture(s) came as I was rehearsing Your Word that has been hidden in my heart – specifically, Isaiah 59:2 that says our sin separates us from You – that they hide Your face from us so that You will not hear! Immediately, before I could finish the last word, Your Spirit reminded me of Paul’s words in Roman 8:38-39 where he says he is convinced that “NOTHING can separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.” So, I’ve spent some time chasing down what at first – and even second – glance can seem like an antithesis. The bottom line is this – Isaiah’s words are right – sin does separate us from You God because You are holy and cannot and will not tolerate sin. However, Paul is also right – in that “Nothing can separate us from the LOVE OF GOD that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.” While sin can/does put a “wedge” between us and You, Father, it cannot and will not separate us/me from Your Love! I know this is true because the depth of Your love propelled You to give Your only Son so that all who believe in Him will have “everlasting” life. I know this because Your Spirit lives in me and is a sign and a seal that I am Yours eternally! If we do not believe surely we will die and forever be separated from You! But, for all those who believe You have given the rights to become Your children – and this, through Christ’s atoning blood and righteousness – so that when You look on us – on me – You do not see the wretched sinner that I was but the NEW CREATION that I am in Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior! So, the two passages are not antithesis at all but rather – one – a warning to be heeded and the other – a beautiful LIFE GIVING PROMISE to claim.

It is with great pleasure that in the middle of this morning’s lesson I noticed Your fingerprints on my morning. As I saw how lovely You had highlighted and tied together these [random] Scriptures with the Scriptures and lessons in my current study – “Know Love”. Only You God, only You could orchestrate and carry out this timing so perfectly! Is it any wonder that I love You and proclaim morning after morning that You are Good!?

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