Weekend Reflection

  1. What does it mean to walk in the light? What does it mean to walk in darkness?
  2. Why is it important for us to walk in the light as followers of Jesus?
  3. Why is confessing sin important? What does confessing our sin do in our hearts and in our lives?
  4. Why is it significant for us that we now have Jesus as our advocate when we sin? How does belief in Jesus change our relationship with God?
  5. Why does John warn against having the world? How can you guard yourself against loving the world?

To encourage others please be sure to post/share your answers or comments in the reply bar at the bottom of the page.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

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Jeanne Brooks
3 years ago

Light represents what is good pure true and holy and reliable. Darkness represents what is sinful and evil. If we abide and walk with the Lord We are in the light and our light will shine for others to see and want to know what we have. Asking for forgiveness sets things right with our Father. If we conceal our sins from him we consequently conceal the sins from ourselves. Sin can also affect us physically.
Love is the key to walking in the light. If we can’t love one another we have no way to claim a real love for God. Love and fellowship with others brings
true joy.
The world wants to fill us with lies and pull us away from the light. We must stay vigilant and in prayer to keep from the temptations of the world.
The word and the Holy Spirit are our guards against deception. Whatever we hear we must line up with the Scriptures and make sure it is of God.