The Importance of Remembering

“We all struggle to remember what God has done for us, and that spiritual memory loss often shows itself in complaining. Complaining reveals a heart that has forgotten what God saved you from and where He is taking you.

We need to get back to remembering.” Love God Greatly

In Joshua 4 God instituted a tangible, visible, conversation -inducing memorial with a God-given purpose. He wanted them not just to remember for themselves but He wanted others (specifically here – their children) to know what He had done for them.

God wanted Joshua and those who crossed the Jordan with him to be able to tell how God had worked in their lives.

He wants the same for His children today. God wants those who live around us and come behind us – our children, neighbors, friends and even strangers – to see and to hear about the things He has done for us, in us, and through us. So that they will know and understand Who He Is.

We must remember what He’s done from the time of our salvation to now. We must look for His fingerprints and remember them – it’s a game changer! We will look different, sound different and live different and when we are asked we will be ready with an answer for the Hope that is us.

Me- From the Inside Out 💕

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