My Battle Cry

“Father, You Are Good!” This is my heart cry – my battle cry – each new morning. For the knowledge and experience of His Goodness – NOT just what He does but who He is – is what gets me through each day. The knowledge and experience of what He does and Who He is is my STRENGTH when I am weak. It is my PEACE when I am anxious and CALMS me when I am fearful. It is my LIGHT when my pathway seems or is dark and confusing and it is my GUIDE and my COUNSEL when decisions lie before me. It is my COMFORT when I am lonely or sad and my PROTECTION when I am in danger. It is my REST when I am tired and weary. It is the SOLID GROUND beneath my feet when life becomes like shifting sands and it is the very AIR that I breathe when panic seizes me. It is the HOPE of each new day and the GUARDIAN of my mind when I lie down to sleep at night. It is my daily FREEDOM from the law of sin and death and my FORGIVENESS when I fall. Such knowledge and experience EMPOWERS me to WAIT EXPECTANTLY and to TRUST with EXCEEDINGLY GREAT HOPE.  It is my JOY and the DELIGHT of my heart to know Him and His goodness. 

Taste and see that the LORD is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!  Psalm 34:8

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