Beautifully Surrendered: Looking Ahead to Week 4

A Love God Greatly Bible Study about God’s Heart for His Daughters

In the coming week (week 4), we will look at what it means to be “Women of Surrender and Sacrifice”. We will build on knowing that God loves, sees, and cherishes women, and continue to focus on the fact that faith and prayer play a huge part in our surrender to God. With these things in mind we will understand and appreciate, perhaps more than we have before, how women like Esther, Moses’ mother, Mary – the mother of Jesus, and others all made the sacrifices required of them.

Our focus/memory verse is found in Luke 9:23 which is a very helpful description from Jesus to help us understand what we have to do to be a follower of Jesus. Like last week’s verse, this one is not incorporated into the study so , again, we will have to work extra hard to keep it fresh in our minds throughout the week. Don’t be surprised if you see it on the end of the daily posts. You’d be amazed at how seeing and/or reading something daily for five days helps us retain the message or truth posted.

This Week’s Challenge from the team at Love God Greatly:

As we have seen in the past three weeks, “Surrendering can be hard and yet beautiful at the same time. We see this in the lives of the women we will read about this week. Who in your life has modeled this well? Take time this week to encourage her with your words and let her know that her faithfulness has impacted your life. “

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