Reflections from Week 1 of Beautifully Surrendered

A Love God Greatly Bible Study about God’s Heart for His Daughters

From God's creation of Eve, Paul's introduction of Phoebe and instructions to on using our gifts, the promise that "ALL" are one in Christ, Jesus' concern for the widow at Nain, and the care He showed His mother even while hanging on the cross are all beautifully poignant reminders that women are loved, seen, and cherished by God. 

References: Gen 2:18-24; Rom 6:1-2; 1 Cor 12:12-26; Gal 3:24-29; Luke 7:11-17; John 19:20-30

If you missed any or all of the week’s study check out the Scripture references listed above and/or find the blogs and all the details and links at or by clicking on the links above.

Week 2 Preview: Women of Great Faith

Now that we have laid the foundation of God’s love and concern for us as women we will press forward looking at how God has use and worked through the lives of women in Scripture. The first week we will focus on “Women of Great Faith”. Women like Elizabeth, Rahab, Ruth and others.

Our focus/memory verse is found in Luke 1:45 and is a beautiful statement of encouragement from Elizabeth to Mary. We will study the verse tomorrow and work on remembering it throughout the week.

Our challenge comes from the focus verse as well: Who in your life has shown great faith like the women we are reading about? Take time this week and reach out to her. Encourage her with your words, either spoken or written, and share how her faith has helped increase your faith.

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