Bridge to Everlasting Covenant Week 1, Wednesday

Question of the Day: In verse 3 the Psalmist says that God gave Him a reason to sing a new song – a song of praise. Has God given you a reason to praise Him?

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 40:1-10 (S.O.A.P. Psalm 40:1-2)

I relied completely[b] on the Lord,
and he turned toward me
and heard my cry for help.
He lifted me out of the watery pit,[c]
out of the slimy mud.[d]
He placed my feet on a rock
and gave me secure footing.[e]

He gave me reason to sing a new song,[f]
praising our God.[g]
May many see what God has done,
so that they might swear allegiance to him and trust in the Lord.[h]
How blessed[i] is the one[j] who trusts in the Lord[k]
and does not seek help from[l] the proud or from liars.[m]
O Lord, my God, you have accomplished many things;
you have done amazing things and carried out your purposes for us.[n]
No one can thwart you.[o]
I want to declare your deeds and talk about them,
but they are too numerous to recount.[p]
Receiving sacrifices and offerings are not your primary concern.[q]
You make that quite clear to me.[r]
You do not ask for burnt sacrifices and sin offerings.
Then I say,
“Look, I come!
What is written in the scroll pertains to me.[s]
I want to do what pleases you,[t] my God.
Your law dominates my thoughts.”[u]
I have told the great assembly[v] about your justice.[w]
Look, I spare no words.[x]
O Lord, you know this is true.
10 I have not failed to tell about your justice;[y]
I spoke about your reliability and deliverance.
I have not neglected to tell the great assembly about your loyal love and faithfulness.[z]

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