A Way To Know You

Father, You are good and in Your goodness You have provided Your Word as a way for us to know You.💜 Your Word allows me to personally know Who You are, to know my sinfulness and need for a Savior; It makes a way for me to not only know The Savior but to trust in Him and to have a relationship with You, the True and Living God. To be able to grow in the wisdom and understanding of your Word is a blessing that allows me to live and love like Jesus❤️, to bring salt and light into this dark world, and to share You with others.

I do not deserve this blessing but have received it as a gift from You💜 It is a gift born not of merit but of Your love and desire to have a relationship with me. You are good and I am greatly blessed!

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2 years ago

Yes God is so good. Even when I don’t understand what is happening I know God does and knows what is best for me. Praise God for His amazing love.