Day 3 – Jesus our Everything

Question of the Day: What must we do to not drift away?

 Therefore we must pay closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift awayFor if the message spoken through angels[a] proved to be so firm that every violation[b] or disobedience received its just penalty, how will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? It was first communicated through the Lord and was confirmed to us by those who heard him, while God confirmed their witness[c] with signs and wonders and various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed[d] according to his will.

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3 years ago

In order to keep from drifting we must be alert- hear carefully – do what we hear – lift our eyes to the gospel and the cross.
If we are not abiding in Christ and reading His Word we are / will be tempted to stray. The focus of our minds will go to things of the world and pull us farther and farther away.
We can unintentionally drift by being too busy to study the Word, not praying, or having poor church attendance. The more we drift the harder we find it is to come back.
I think when people go thru storms and trials they tend to drift away from the very ONE they need the most.
Christ is our anchor so hold on and keep your focus / eyes / ears on Him.

3 years ago

In order not to drift away we need to remain in the word, stay close to other believers, worship and pray. When we have life obstacles we need to draw near to christ and thank him for the wisdom he provides.