Found and Unashamed

Ladies, I’ve been running behind all week so when I wrote this in “my moments’ yesterday I didn’t think to or have time to share … not sure anyone will even see it now since by now everyone is another day ahead – but just in case someone out there ever deals with guilt or shame – I thought I would backtrack and share how God chose to use Luke 15 in my life yesterday – grace and blessings to you all ❤️12/13/2016 Tap to edit

Father, you heard me this morning – You alone know the whispers I heard from the enemy as I awoke this morning. You alone heard the lament of my heart and pen as I poured myself forth to you – the hurt of memories, the shame that flooded my soul, the guilt that sought to undo me so early in the morning – You knew and Your Spirit spoke back … Remember, you confessed those sins long ago and He was faithful and just to forgive you … Remember, there is no condemnation to those who belong to Christ Jesus … Remember, He throws your sins into the depths of the sea and remembers them against you no more … and with every whisper from the enemy, every attempt he made to wrestle me to the pit, Your Spirit spoke over the whisper with the TRUTH – the TRUTH that I have been set free, that Sin is no longer my master! Father, while these thoughts this morning shook me and surprised me – they didn’t surprise You. You knew … You knew and just minutes after i poured myself out to You – You met me there on the pages of scripture – scripture that I should have read two days ago – but instead found myself reading this morning – not by chance but because You knew I would need to remember you as the one who so long ago pursued me like the shepherd did his sheep, and like the woman looking for her coin – and You watched for me, the prodigal, You met me on the road home – celebrating my return ❤️and freeing me of my shame and guilt 🙌 what wondrous LOVE is this! Not just that You met me then – but that You met me here this morning with the reminder that I WAS lost but then was found! You have rejoiced over me – robed me in the blood of Christ – and stand with me this morning protecting me from the enemy’s accusations of guilt and shame! And to that inexplicable JOY I REJOICE as one who is FOUND and UNASHAMED❤️

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