Standing on the Promises

Today’s Scripture: Isaiah 41:1-20; SOAP / Isaiah 41:13

As believers we are God’s children, this means we can rest in these words that He spoke to Israel through Moses. Read and re-read verses 10 and 13. I memorized verse 10 years ago and I cannot tell you the number of times I have lay awake at night or walked through a storm of life claiming this verse – praying it – thanking Him for it – writing it … and finding it to put my mind and heart at rest. It is the essence of standing on God’s promises.

As you see noted in the above SOAP, living in community with God has great benefits – namely hope, joy, and strength- and to reiterate yesterday’s focus the assurance of His promises – ones like He will never abandon us, or fail us … and He will help us, and when we are in danger or afraid – He will hold our hand like a father and hold us up with His victorious right hand – and we will know with certainty the truth of the observations you see below – we have nothing to fear when we live in community with our God – because He is with us, He takes hold of our right hand, He speaks ‘peace’ to us, and He reminds us He is helping us. This is a true picture of a stronghold – this is our GOD!

For years I would get caught up in the fearful circumstances of life and fixate on the fear rather than God – It was this verse and the promise it proclaims – that taught me and helped me to remember it every time fear encroached. When we make it a habit to remember the things God has promised or the things He has done we will be strengthened in our Spirit, we will sense His victorious right hand holding us up and helping us. We will begin to trust Him as our Protector and stand on/rest in His promises.

Prayer: Response to God’s Word –

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