Blot Out My Guilt

Day 3 of Jesus, I Need You – Part 1, a study of Thistlebend Ministries

Scripture Reading: Psalm 51 (focus verse 17) and Isaiah 6:1-13

The sacrifice God desires is a humble spirit—
O God, a humble and repentant heart you will not reject.

Psalm 51:17
Observation: What’s the Message?

In Isaiah chapter six we see Isaiah receive his call and mission from God to speak His message to the people. He is poised and ready to serve but truly humbled by his own sin while in the presence of God’s great holiness. Through a graphic illustration we see that Isaiah’s ‘lips’ are made ready to deliver the message of judgment – as his sins are symbolically taken care of. In chapter 12 of Isaiah, instead of overwhelming sorrow for his sins we hear Isaiah testify that there will come a day of praise. Rather than preaching judgment, he talks of God’s compassion, salvation, and strength.

Psalm 51 is where my mind was drawn to as I heard David’s repentance and cry to God in true brokenness and contrition. Instead of offering Him a sacrifice1 for the sins he has committed, he offers God his heart. He calls upon God’s graciousness, love, and compassion – so that his sin and rebellion might be blotted out. You can hear the desperation in David’s voice, his shame in the presence of God for the guilt he feels and the sins he’s confessing. Don’t miss the beauty of transforming prayer – as David moves from lamenting his sin and asking God to blot out his guilt to asking God to open his lips so that he could now declare his praise. Clearly, David has realized what we know is true today – God does not desire our material sacrifices but rather the broken Spirit that David has shown.

1A sacrifice is something offered as atonement to God for our sin. A payment to make right a wrong committed. 
Application: How Then Should We Live?

We must understand and continually keep before us the severity of our sin. God leaves nothing to the imagination concerning His thoughts on sin – but through Paul’s words in Romans 6:23 and in Christ’s death on the cross – He makes it very clear that the penalty or payment for sin is death – but He makes it equally clear that His gift to those who believe is eternal life through His son!

Only when we understand the gravity of our sin will we feel undone like Isaiah or truly praise Him, like David. When we understand our sinfulness we will melt in the presence of God’s holiness and greatness. As we were warned yesterday we must not allow ourselves to become callous to sin.

Prayer: Response to The Word

Father, You are full of grace and mercy, slow to anger and abounding in love. According to Your great compassion You blot out our sins and give us cause to praise You time and time again! Hep me to not become callous to sin of any kind – but to realize quickly when I have fallen and humble myself before You in sorrow and repentance. Help me to remember what You want more than sacrifice is my love and obedience, and that You will not reject a broken and contrite heart when I have fallen short. – All praise and glory to the One who is full of grace and mercy and abounding in love! – Amen

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Your Turn:
  • What’s your take away from today’s Scripture reading?
  • What do you think it means to have a broken spirit?

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