“I Am Who You Say I Am”

Reflections on Week 3 of “In Jesus You Are …” – A Love God Greatly study about – ‘Understanding Your Identity in Christ’.

In Jesus we are Adopted … Children of God … Chosen … Citizens of Heaven … Known by God šŸ’œ We are who He says we are – no one can change that or take it away from us. We did nothing to earn these identity markers and we can do nothing to lose them.

  • So which was your favorite this week and why?
  • Is there one that is hard to believe/claim? Why or why not?

For me, the answer to both is “chosen”. It’s my favorite because I know me. I know the good the bad and the ugly – I know my will and ways didn’t always line up with His will or bear a good image of Christ … “BUT GOD” chose me as His own – even before the foundations of the world … not just to save me but to call me His own šŸ’œ “So that” – I – with all the good, the bad, and the ugly of me – “can show others His goodness!” (which by the way, is also my answer to the second question – I mean, it’s like the weakest kid on the playground being chosen first for a team of ‘red-rover, red-rover – LOL! That just doesn’t happen. Anyway, that’s mine – so what about you?

This song has been in my head all week … It’s a little over 3 minutes but it’s worth every second –

“I Am Who You Say I Am” – Hillsong

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