Beckoned to Draw Near …

Father, You are Good! And Your goodness beckons me to draw near. My heart longs to walk closer and closer to You in this world of hurts and disappointments. Hurts and disappointments not just in the world but the truest heartbreak is in seeing and experiencing believers pitted against, or simply not loving, their fellow believers. My soul is filled with anguish and with sorrow – a sadness that is wearing on my mind and heart and causes me to seek You even more! To seek and to know Your guidance, comfort, and peace, Your strength, mercy, and grace – not only from You to me but from me toward others; and yes, Father, forgiveness toward others even as You have forgiven me. I also seek your healing Father – both of Your people’s hearts and minds and of my own weary and downcast soul. Hear my prayer Father – hear my prayer in Jesus’ name.

And Your Spirit replies …

Why are you discouraged? Why is your heart so sad? Put your hope in God! Praise Him again—your Savior and your God!

Psalm 42:5
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