After Thoughts: John 3:9-21

I’ve recently started using the NET (New English Translation) Bible and was fascinated with the rendering of verse 16. “For this is the way God loved the world:” This is a demonstrative statement that demonstrates God’s expressed love. A love so deep and wide that He held nothing back. We were all sinners (Romans 3:23) condemned (Romans 6:23) unclean but God’s love triumphed over sin and death and brought not just life but eternal life to all who would believe (Acts 16:31). The action of “giving His one and only Son” for the salvation of all who would believe showed an unimaginable love not just for the collective world but for each individual, no matter their race or station in life – Jew or Gentile, uncivilized, slave or free. The demonstration wasn’t just for show or done without thought – He planned and carried out each detail. So, He didn’t just give His Son, He gave Him with the knowledge that He would be crucified on a cross of shame for the sins of the world, more pointedly for your sins and mine. Simply stated, belief would equal salvation and salvation would equal eternal life and not because of anything we had done or could do – but simply and yet profoundly because HE SO LOVED THE WORLD! 💜

My encouragement for today – Let this knowledge move you to worship Father and Son for their deep and matchless love. Let it move you to live and love like Jesus. Finally, let it move you to share this message with at least one other person (friend, family member, neighbor…) today. Who knows, maybe they will share it with their friends and on and on until the whole world knows of God’s amazing love.

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